Sleep under the stars


This option is usually included as a part of one of our longer hiking tours, however we can offer this to people who wish to have a private evening 'free camping' in the Wadi Rum desert. We offer this in a number of different locations, which are usually selected according to the time of year, the weather & the tour you are taking. 

You spend the night around the fire with your guide, who will prepare everything for you, including dinner, on the fire.

This is free camping in the desert away from any tourists camps, and it can be called the 'real' Bedouin experience. 

We provide mattresses and blankets, you sleep in the open under the stars. Jerry Cans are provided with water for hand/ face washing etc. Bottled Water is provided for drinking.

This option does not have bathrooms because it is located in the wilderness area of Wadi Rum.  Please take care when going to the bathroom here to bury your waste and to burn or remove any paper you use. The desert is beautiful, lets all try to keep it that way!  We do not provide loo paper, sheets or towels.

Sleep under the stars  Prices

1 person: 75JD per night (incl. dinner and breakfast)
2 people: 45JD p.p per night (incl. dinner and breakfast)
3-5 people: 35JD p.p per night (incl. dinner and breakfast)

6+ people: 30JD p.p per night (incl. dinner and breakfast)



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