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camel In the heart of Wadi Rum legendary red-sand desert, rightly described by T. E. Lawrence as "vast, echoing and God-like," our Campsite. The facility has been designed as an eco-friendly campsite, in harmony with the towering red sand dunes, the moonscape rock formations and the millennia-old Bedouin tradition of hospitality to travelers.

Comfortably rustic, the camp area is illuminated only by candles plus the famed glories of the night sky over the desert.


There is a 24-hour front desk and

"house keeper"a person that cleans the rooms everyday.


We have 10 tents: each 2-person or family sleeping in tent is furnished with beds, sheets and blankets, luggage stands, dresser and candles.

Two Bedouin tents offer a chance to enjoy a meal, conversation and games.

A campfire, of course. Choice of Arabic seating or tables and chairs at mealtime.

A convenient communal blockhouse with toilets and showers.


5241072774 25b5f6416d z The campsite adheres to the traditional desert virtues of functionality and simplicity--everything you need, but no more, to let the grandeur of the landscape and the rare privilege of silence embrace you. Great religions, grand enterprises and unshakeable traditions have been formed against the minimalist canvas of the desert landscape...it's an experience not to be missed.


Camp Prices :

1-4 people: 30JD per person per night (inc dinner and breakfast)

5 or more people: 25JD per person per night (inc dinner and breakfast).


Bivouac camping : You can ask us for bivouac, and sleep in different places every night. We will provide tents and mattresses, and you will have to bring your own sleeping bag.





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